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Education: “a hyper-controversial minister”, according to SE-UNSA, union classified as moderate

Ⓒ AFP – ALAIN JOCARD – | The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer in Paris, August 30, 2017

SE-Unsa, a union of teachers classified as moderate, strongly criticized on Wednesday the new Minister of Education, described as “hyper polemic” and amateur of “provocations”, and accused him of “spending his time to resuscitate Of the ideas of the past “.

“Although he defends himself, Jean-Michel Blanquer” wants at all costs to mark the break when education needs serenity and continuity, “said his secretary general, Stéphane Crochet, during a Press conference before the start of the school year. “For the SE-Unsa, it’s a comeback energized, with a hyper-controversial minister, who multiplies the ads.”

In Mr. Blanquer’s comments on the so-called global reading method, Stéphane Crochet saw an “attempt to start an ideological conflict about the school”.

In an interview with L’Obs published last week, the minister said that the teaching of reading should be based on “an explicit pedagogy, syllabic, and not on the global method”, remarks that had The professors leapt, the global method being no longer practiced for years.

“This provocation is added to that of the so-called + egalitarianism + and + pedagogism,” as many words he wished to let go during his summer interviews, “said the head of SE-Unsa.

For this union, often referred to as a reformist, it is indeed a “comeback of political alternation”, with “conservatives” succeeding “progressives” rather than “right versus left” .

Jean-Michel Blanquer calls for “a school of trust” but he does not stop “cultivating distrust, even defiance”, he added.

Its flagship measure, the duplication of CPs in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, will necessarily be “at the cost of the programmed disappearance” of the system “More Masters than Classes”, on which have worked several teams of teachers, warned the syndicate. The announcement of evaluations at the entrance of the CP and the 6th was also received “very freshly”.

“Minister Blanquer presents himself as a new man and still spends his time resurrecting the ideas of the past,” accused the Secretary-General of SE-Unsa.

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