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Macron’s proposals for Europe

Ⓒ POOL/AFP – ludovic MARIN – | French President Emmanuel Macron, on September 26, 2017
in Paris

Here are the main proposals of French President Emmanuel
Macron to relaunch the European Union, presented Tuesday at La
Sorbonne, Paris:


Set a “fair price” for carbon, at least 25 to 30 euros per

Establish an industrial program to support clean vehicles
and the necessary infrastructure (charging stations …).

Create a “common control force” that ensures the food
security of Europeans.


Create a European Agency for Innovation, jointly funding new
fields of research, such as artificial intelligence

Tax digital businesses and regulate large platforms.


Make the eurozone the heart of the economic power of Europe
in the world.

Create a budget that allows for joint investments, with
taxes linked to this budget.

Ensure the social and fiscal convergence of the EU countries
by setting criteria that progressively approximate the social
and fiscal models.

Compliance with these criteria would condition access to
European solidarity funds.

Define a range of corporate tax rates for 2020 and a minimum
wage, adapted to the economic reality of each country, and
regulate competition by the levels of social security

Create a financial transaction tax for development


Create a common European intervention force for 2020, a
common defense budget and a “common doctrine” to act.

Set up the European Defense Fund as soon as possible,
permanent structured cooperation and supplement them with a
“European intervention initiative” to integrate the European
armed forces.


Establish a European Intelligence Academy to “bring our
intelligence capabilities closer together”.

Creating a “common civil protection force”, in particular to
help in the event of natural disasters


Create a European asylum office and a European border
police, “to effectively control our borders, to welcome
refugees with dignity … and to rapidly return those who are
not eligible for asylum”.

Objective: to speed up and harmonize procedures; implement
interconnected files and secure biometric identity

To set up a European training and integration program for


That every young European has spent at least 6 months in
another European country (50% of an age group in 2024) and that
each student speaks two European languages ​​by 2024.

Create European Universities, networks of universities that
allow students to study abroad and take courses in at least two


For six months, “democratic conventions”, national and local
debates based on common questions throughout the EU, will be
organized in 2018 in all EU countries volunteers to define the
roadmap of tomorrow.

Strengthen the European Parliament
through transnational lists, starting in 2019, using the quota
of UK deputies.

That in 2024 half of the European Parliament should be
elected from these transnational lists.

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