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Seznec case: private searches resume

Ⓒ AFP – Bertrand Vilain – | A human bone found in the house where the Seznec family lived, in a photo released on February 25, 2018 by the author of a book on the Seznec case, Bertrand Vilain

Private excavations resumed Saturday morning in the old house Seznec Morlaix (Finistere) after the lifting of seals by the court confirmed the animal origin of the bone fragments found during the first searches.

A dozen volunteers began digging at 9:00 am in the hope of finding the body of Pierre Quémeneur, general counsel of Finistère, disappeared in 1923, said a correspondent of AFP.

The scope of research has been expanded and volunteers will dig deeper, explained a former lawyer Seznec family, Denis Langlois. “The technicians told us that it was possible to complete the excavations on Saturday or Sunday,” he said.

These excavations began last Saturday at the initiative of Mr. Langlois, and the author of a book on the case, Bertrand Vilain. According to them, the chosen one was killed involuntarily by the convict’s wife.

The prosecutor’s office of Brest opened an investigation after the discovery during the first excavations of a first piece of bone in the old house of Seznec, reviving speculation on a possible elucidation of the enigmatic “case Seznec”, old closely of a century.

Without proof or confession, Guillaume Seznec was sentenced in 1924 to life imprisonment for the murder a year earlier of Pierre Quémeneur with whom he was associated in business, as well as for forgery in writing. But the body of the general councilor has never been found.

After the discovery of a first fragment of bone Saturday, as well as an old pipe, the excavations were taken Sunday by the judicial police of Rennes, seized the investigation. The first visual analyzes of the bones done by a medical examiner suggested that they could be human bones.

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