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Ex-Russian spy: London will do everything “to bring those responsible to justice”

Ⓒ Kommersant Photo/AFP/Archives – Yuri SENATOROV – | Sergei Skripal at his trial in Moscow, August 9, 2006

UK Interior Minister Amber Rudd said Thursday that everything would be done for those responsible for the attempted murder of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter “be brought to justice”.

“We are committed to ensuring that everything is done to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice, whoever and wherever they are,” Rudd told UK MPs.

“This government will act without hesitation when the facts are established,” she added, assuring: “We will respond firmly and appropriately once we have determined who is responsible.”

“The use of an innervating agent on British soil is an act without faith or law,” she denounced. “People are right to know who is responsible, but if we want to be rigorous in this investigation, we need to avoid speculation and allow the police to continue their investigation.”

Ⓒ AFP – Alain BOMMENEL, Sabrina BLANCHARD – | Sarin gas, VX: 2 powerful innervating agents

“Hundreds of police” are studying “all possible paths,” said the Minister of the Interior. She also told parliamentarians that Sergei and his daughter were still “unconscious”, in a “critical but stable” state, after being unconscious Sunday on a bench near a shopping center in Salisbury (southern England) , and hospitalized in the wake.

The hospitalized policeman, who had been one of the first to arrive to help the couple, is still in a “serious” but “stable” state, added Ms. Rudd. “He is conscious, he speaks,” she said.

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