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Lionnet trial: the accused shouts her innocence and denounces a “plot”

Ⓒ AFP – Daniel SORABJI – | The lawyer Frank Berton, who represents the family of the victim Sophie Lionnet, speaks in front of the journalists on March 20, 2018 in London

Sabrina Kouider, accused with her companion of the murder of their French au pair, Sophie Lionnet, shouted her innocence and claimed that the victim had participated in a conspiracy against her, according to excerpts from hearings aired Thursday at the London trial.

Sophie Lionnet, 21, recommended by a friend of Sabrina Kouider’s brother, had started working for the family in January 2016, the accused told the police at her hearing. She slept in the children’s room at the top of the bunk bed.

“Most of the time, she was on the phone, sitting on the couch, waiting for us to serve her,” Kouider told investigators. “It’s like we’re working for her and not her for us.”

Heard by the police after the discovery of the body of Sophie Lionnet, found almost entirely carbonized in the garden of the couple, Sabrina Kouider said that the young woman had left home a day or two before.

The previous weekend, the two women had an explanation about a plot that would have participated Sophie Lionnet, said Sabrina Kouider.

“I told him to tell me the truth or to write it to me,” she continued.

“She explained to me that she had been recruited by Mark Walton (former companion of Sabrina Kouider and founding member of the Boyzone Irish boy band, Ed) and that he had paid more than 18,000 pounds (nearly 21,000 euros, ed) “.

According to the prosecution, Sabrina Kouider had developed “an obsession” for her ex-companion. After breaking up in 2013, she accused the singer of pedophilia, sexual assault and harassment before recognizing that it was defamation.

To the investigators, the thirty-year-old also claimed that the au pair had “drugged” her family.

– “Release me” –

On Tuesday, jurors heard excerpts from more than eight hours of interrogations recorded by Sophie Lionnet.

In one passage, Sabrina Kouider screams literally on the young woman. “I pray to God to stop me from touching you, I do not want to get my hands dirty,” she says in this September 11 clip, a few days before her death.

On September 20, 2017, alerted by neighbors who saw important fumes emerge from the garden of the accused and were inconvenienced by a “horrible” smell, firefighters had intervened at the home of the couple, in south-west London.

There, they had found Sabrina Kouider’s companion, Ouissem Medouni, cooking chicken on a barbecue, while nearby a garden fire was burning.

By extinguishing the latter, they had discovered human remains, as well as clothing and jewelery. Asked about the presence of this body, Ouissem Medouni had claimed that it was a sheep.

Charged with murder in the evening, he then refused to answer the investigators.

Sabrina Kouider, on the other hand, had shouted her innocence.

“I did not do that, I did not do that,” she repeated to the investigators. “I was in the house but I did not know what was going on.”

“Release me as soon as possible because I have nothing to do with it,” she implored, the video of her audition showing her proven, a blanket over her shoulders.

She told the doctor who examined her that she had been the victim of domestic violence and panic attacks. The doctor notices that she has some scratches and a burn on her wrist, which she claims to have done while cooking.

Sabrina Kouider said she met Ouissem Medouni when she was about 18 years old and then had a dotted relationship with him. Ouissem Medouni came to London for weekends or holidays, before he moved with her, a few months before the tragedy.

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