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Dismantle in Spain a network that sent marijuana in cans of paint to the United Kingdom

Ⓒ Policía Nacional/AFP – – – | Agents remove marijuana blocks hidden in the paint boats, in a photograph published this Sunday, April 8 by the National Police

The Spanish police announced on Sunday that they had dismantled a gang that sent marijuana to the United Kingdom hidden in paint boats, in an operation that ended with the arrest of twelve Chinese citizens and the confiscation of 350 kilos of drugs.

The National Police registered six industrial warehouses in Madrid and Burgos that the network used to cultivate marijuana and then introduce it into paint cans, a statement said.

In a warehouse in Alcorcón, on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, “they were ready to send two pallets to the United Kingdom with almost one hundred cans of paint where they found 80 kilos in marijuana buds, as well as some 400 more boats to make futures. shipments by the same method, “said the police.

The ships “were of a large area, had large basements and no windows” to hide their activities, while they were illegally connected to the power grid to supply the large amount of energy required for the cultivation of plants, the statement said. .

The arrest in November of several Chinese citizens as they prepared to send 12 kilos of marijuana in bags to the United Kingdom began the investigation, authorities said, in the records of all the ships and several houses confiscated 350 kilos of the drug.

In total, the police arrested “twelve people of Chinese nationality as members” of the criminal organization, the police added, without specifying the date of the arrests.

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