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One more day of vacation for the Japanese janitor who reigned in Boston

Ⓒ AFP – Ryan McBride – | The Japanese Yuki Kawauchi wins the Boston Marathon in the USA on April 16, 2018

The Japanese Yuki Kawauchi, surprising amateur athlete who won the Boston marathon on Monday, called after his victory Kuki elementary school, which works as a janitor, to request one more day of vacation because he did not expect to be the first the legendary race.

As he did not expect to win, he had planned to return to Japan the day after the race, this Tuesday, and return to work on Wednesday. Now he must comply with the homage to the champion.

“He called us to request another day of vacation because he had to fulfill obligations there (in Boston),” Yasuhiro Mitsui, a school official in the Saitama region, told AFP.

“The director has told him: ‘Congratulations, you have run very well'”, added this person in charge, stating that he had been granted one more day without problems.

To preserve the reserved nature of Kawauchi, the school has not planned any celebration, Mitsui said.

“In general he likes to keep his job and the marathon apart, we support him by covering his work when he can not be there,” he added.

When Kawauchi passed the finish line in Boston, despite the fact that it was the coldest race in the last 30 years and that it was marked by rainstorms, he became the first Japanese to win it since 1987. Precisely the year in who was born

– Superior to professionals –

The humble bureaucrat finished the 42.1 kilometers in a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 58 seconds. Without a coach, without sponsors and preparing for the free time that leaves his work full time.

With all the favorites and professionals of the marathon swept by the bad conditions, the figure of Kawauchi emerged, the great world idol of the amateur athletes.

“It’s a great performance to win the Boston Marathon, which is one of the most prestigious races in the world, and in horrible conditions that everybody detests, Kawauchi managed to maintain a steel mentality, more than the other riders,” he said. Japanese Toshihiko Seko, winner in Boston in 1981 and 1987.

In a country where the marathon is a religion and in which the values ​​of modesty and hard work are rewarded, Kawauchi is already a legend.

“I want to show that you can be competitive globally even if you have a job, like me,” Kawauchi said several times.

His victory in Boston is the most prestigious in the career of the amateur athlete of 31 years, which has chained five consecutive wins: from Japan to the United States through Taiwan.

Last month he was recognized by the Guinness World Recrods as the athlete who has run the highest number of marathons in two hours and 20 minutes, with 78.

And do not count on resting and celebrating. This weekend has a semi-marathon in Gifu, central Japan. There his compatriots will be able to honor his feat in Boston.

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