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Trump receives Macron and describes as “disaster” the nuclear agreement with Iran

Ⓒ AFP – Ludovic Marin – | Emmanuel Macron grabs the hand of Donald Trump during a welcoming ceremony to the first in the White House, this Tuesday April 24 in Washington

US President Donald Trump received his counterpart from France, Emmanuel Macron, in the Oval Room on Tuesday and took the opportunity to harshly criticize the nuclear agreement with Iran, which he described as a “disaster”.

“Everyone knows my position on the agreement with Iran, it is a horrible agreement, it is a disaster,” said Trump, who will discuss the future of that agreement during Macron’s state visit to the US capital.

“We will talk about Iran and various other issues, in general about terrorism, but I want to discuss the agreement with Iran and I know that the president (Macron) also wants to talk to me about that,” Trump said in the Oval Room.

For months, the French government has already sent clear signals that it intends to convince the United States to remain in the agreement that Tehran signed in 2015 with these two countries, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and Germany.

When asked quickly if he was willing to consider the permanence of Washington in the agreement with Iran, Trump offered an elusive response: “Let’s talk about that, we’ll see.”

For the president, the agreement with Iran made the United States transfer huge sums of money to the Tehran government. “We talk about barrels of money, it’s crazy, it’s ridiculous,” he reinforced.

For his part, Macron said in English that the agreement “is a very important issue and we are going to discuss it, but we have to see it as part of a broader image.”

Shortly before starting this state visit, Macron admitted that he did not have a “Plan B” regarding the relationship with Iran and its nuclear policy.

Another eventual issue on the agenda is France’s effort to get the United States to return to the Agreement on Climate Change, known as the Paris Agreement, which Washington abandoned shortly after Trump’s arrival at the White House.

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