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Danish submarine: perpetuity for murderer of Swedish journalist

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Peter THOMPSON – | The submarine designed by Peter Madsen, UC3 Nautilus, on August 10, 2017 in the port of Copenhagen

Peter Madsen, a self-taught Danish engineer with morbid fantasies, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday for the murder, preceded by sexual abuse, of the young Swedish journalist Kim Wall in her private submarine in August 2017 near Copenhagen.

Peter Madsen, 47, was convicted of the premeditated murder of 30-year-old Kim Wall, sexual mutilation, dismemberment and decapitation of his body before dispersing him at sea.

Peter Madsen has committed “a cynical murder, premeditated, of a particularly violent nature”, estimated the professional judge and the two jurors of the court of Copenhagen.

T-shirt in black jacket, the convict, who pleaded the thesis of the accident, listened to the verdict standing and then sat near his lawyer committed ex officio, apparently affected, according to an AFP journalist. He announced to appeal.

The case, unique in the criminal annals of Denmark where only 25 inmates serve life imprisonment, has experienced an unprecedented media impact in the kingdom. A hundred Danish and foreign journalists were Wednesday in Copenhagen to hear the verdict.

Despite the battle of experts, the lack of irrefutable material evidence and the state of advanced decomposition of the body of Kim Wall, which did not determine the causes of his death, the court followed the indictment of the prosecution.

– ‘Loving Psychopath’ –

“The body of the victim was showing signs of trauma during his lifetime, and wounds inflicted at the moment of his death or shortly thereafter,” the judge said.

Peter Madsen, she continued, premeditated her crime by bringing on board her submarine tools that have nothing to do there, including a wood saw, a sharpened screwdriver 50 cm, straps of suitcase whose drawings correspond to marks on the victim’s arms.

Ⓒ Ritzau SCANPIX/AFP – Anne Gyrite SCHUETT – | Sketch of audience, directed by Anne Gyrite Schuett, of the Danish Peter Madsen (g), accused of the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, and of the prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen (standing, on March 8, 2018 in the court of Copenhagen

According to the psychiatrists, Madsen, who described himself as a “loving psychopath” among his relatives, is “a danger to others” and presents a “very high risk” of recidivism.

Disenchanted with empathy, he told the doctors who asked him why he had dismembered Kim Wall’s body: “When you have a big problem, you cut it into pieces.”

Kim Wall disappeared on the night of 10-11 August 2017 after embarking in the evening in Copenhagen on UC3 Nautilus, an 18-meter submarine built by Peter Madsen, which the Danes know for also launching rockets at almost 10 kilometers above sea level, and she wanted to interview.

Mr. Madsen was rescued on the 11th as his submarine sank, scuttled by him to disguise the tracks of his crime, according to the prosecution.

– Genital mutilation –

His versions have been constantly changing. According to a first scenario, Kim Wall would have received a hatch cover on his head. Peter Madsen claims to have panicked, cut off his corpse thrown overboard to offer him “a marine burial” in Koge Bay.

But after the discovery of the head that presented no corresponding trauma, he said that the Swede had been intoxicated by exhaust gas due to a sudden depressurization of the submarine’s cabin.

Neither the autopsy nor the inspection of the submarine confirmed this thesis.

For the prosecution, Peter Madsen tortured and murdered Kim Wall to satisfy a sexual and morbid fantasy. The young woman suffered 14 perforations around the genitals, then was slit or choked.

During the trial that began on March 8, the court viewed some of the 40 “gore” videos found on the murderer’s computer, in which women are raped, mutilated, slaughtered, impaled or hanged.

And a few hours before meeting Kim Wall, he was doing an internet search by typing the keywords “women”, “agony”, “decapitation”.

Pure coincidence, he told the prosecutor.

Coincidentally, Reporter Without Borders (RSF) published a few hours before the verdict its annual report on the freedom of the press in the world.

Denmark retrograde from 4th to 9th because of the murder of Kim Wall, killed in the practice of her profession.

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