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Netanyahu: Israel has “conclusive evidence” of a secret Iranian nuclear program

Ⓒ AFP – Jack GUEZ – | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says on April 30, 2018 at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv that Israel has new “conclusive evidence” of a secret Iranian nuclear program

Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Israel has new “conclusive evidence” of a secret plan that Iran could activate at any time to acquire the atomic bomb, twelve days before a crucial deadline for the agreement reached in 2015. on Iran’s nuclear power.

Directly in front of the Israeli television, the Israeli Prime Minister presented in the theatrical way in which he excels “the exact copies” of tens of thousands of original Iranian documents obtained a few weeks ago at the price of a “tremendous success in the field of intelligence “.

These documents, whether on paper or on CD, as background to Mr. Netanyahu’s statement, constitute “new and conclusive evidence of the nuclear weapons program that Iran has hidden for years in the eyes of the international community in its archives. secret atomic ones, “he said.

Mr. Netanyahu essentially provided details of an old Iranian plan called Amad that could be revived, according to him, as Tehran intended.

But, twelve days before the deadline set by President Donald Trump to decide whether or not to break the three-year-old international agreement with Iran, Netanyahu did not provide any indication that Islamic Republic had actively sought since 2015 to acquire the atomic bomb, even if Tehran lied about its past activities.

“For those who have followed the Iranian nuclear issue, there is nothing new in the presentation of Bibi,” the nickname of Mr. Netanyahu, tweeted Rob Malley, former advisor to President Barack Obama, whose administration had participated in the 2015 agreement.

“But the Israeli Prime Minister has only one audience: Trump, and unfortunately he will probably not reach the same conclusion,” Judge Malley said.

“We have known for years that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program called the Amad Project, and we can now prove that the Amad project is a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons,” he said. Mr. Netanyahu.

“We can also prove that Iran is secretly storing material from the Amad project to use it at the time of its choice and developing nuclear weapons,” he said, with the help of documents or broadcast maps. on a screen.

– “Iran lied” –

These documents show that, despite assurances from Iranian leaders that they have never sought nuclear weapons, “Iran has been lying, and damn!”, He said.

The 2015 agreement “provides Iran with a clear path to a nuclear arsenal” and does not address the issue of Islamic Republic’s ballistic activities, another major concern of Israel and the international community. he says, speaking of a “terrible agreement, which should never have been concluded”.

He invoked Mr. Trump’s next decision. “I am sure he will make the right choice, the right choice for the United States, for Israel and for world peace.”

Ⓒ AFP – Jack GUEZ – | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says on April 30, 2018 in the premises of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv that Iran lied about its nuclear activities

The US president has promised in the past to “tear up” the text signed in July 2015 by Iran and six major powers after tough negotiations. Its national security adviser, John Bolton, said on Sunday that Trump had not yet decided, adding that he was considering his French counterpart’s proposal to open negotiations for a new, expanded agreement.

Emmanuel Macron proposed to the American president to preserve the original agreement which would become the first of the “four pillars” of a future text.

The other “pillars” concern the post-2025 period, when certain clauses on nuclear activities will have expired, but also Tehran’s highly controversial ballistic missiles and its role deemed “destabilizing” in the region.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said Sunday that his country would accept “no restrictions beyond its current commitments”.

Under the 2015 agreement, Iran has obtained the temporary lifting of part of the international and foreign sanctions – notably American – targeting its economic and financial system in exchange for a reduction of its controversial nuclear program intended to prove that the Islamic Republic is not trying to get the atomic bomb.

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