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The CGT will participate in the mobilization of May 26 alongside the insubordinate France

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Philippe LOPEZ – | CGT parade at the start of a demonstration against the government’s policy on April 19, 2018 in Paris

The CGT “calls for a broad mobilization, Saturday, May 26”, as part of the day of action organized by several trade unions, associations and politicians, including the insubordinate France, announced Wednesday the central trade union in a statement.

The CGT, which had so far refused to join the days organized by insubordinate France, explains its rallying to this “popular tide” by “social emergency”.

“It’s about bringing together youth, retirees, employed and out-of-work employees, precarious workers and all those who, in solidarity with the ongoing struggles, are not yet engaged in action” says the union in its statement.

“Given the social urgency, the CGT has taken the decision to build this appeal with other trade union organizations, associations and policies in respect of the perimeters of intervention and prerogatives of each organization.The CGT remains faithful its principles of independence while promoting the expression of the largest number of citizens, “she adds.

Meeting May 3 at the Labor Exchange in Paris on the initiative of the association Attac, several trade unions, political and associative had agreed on the principle of a demonstration on May 26 for equality, social justice and solidarity. Among them, La France Insoumise, Solidaires, Snesup FSU, the Union of the Judiciary, the Copernicus Foundation, Women Equality or the NPA.

On Tuesday, an internal source at the CGT, confirming information from the Parisian, had told AFP that a majority of CGT organizations had approved the union’s participation in this mobilization, as part of an internal consultation launched early May . According to this source, “78 CGT organizations gave their approval, six abstained and six voted against”.

“The success of this day of action will be a new step in the construction of a vital balance of power to develop to counter the bad moves of the employers, President Macron and its parliamentary majority, and to assert the requirement of ‘other economic and social choices’, explains the statement.

The CFDT and FO have already announced that they would not participate in the day of 26.

“There is no chance to see in a parade that has a political connotation – and I do not judge the content of this parade, it is not my problem – the CFDT,” said his secretary general Laurent on Monday. Shepherd.

“It is a manifestation of political order, we do not have to interfere and we will not interfere,” had his side argued in early May Pascal Pavageau, number one Force Ouvrière.

Political side, questioned Wednesday morning on Sud Radio about a possible participation of the PS to this day, the spokesman of the party, Boris Vallaud, answered: “it is a point which will be approached with the national office of the PS”. “These are topics that are addressed collectively, and I will answer you when it’s been collectively addressed,” he said.

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